Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time to Terrorize the Parrot

Ok Astro, you asked for it. You think it is great fun to fling feathers everywhere and yell obnoxiously all day. It's time to take you outside for the ritual. Yes you are going to sit in the shade of the covered pation and yell to your heart's content. That is until I begin the cleaning ritual. You make such a mess. Then there is your constant bellowing your opinion to everyone who will (or is forced to) listen. Tell your stories to the dogs next door. After I get your cage cleaned, I'm going to official terrorize you. A little water torture should do the trick. How about that shower? Yes, I know you will give me the evil eye when I shower you. Hey, you come from the Amazon, you should like it. I know that we are doing this today, the devil's day of 6/6/6, but it should help. Have you smelled yourself lately? Besides,if you have this done today, maybe you can exorcise your demons as well as those for whom you were named, our Houston Astros. Got anything to say to them? It's time for you to stand up for your team ,Astro. With all the noise you make, surely you understand the term, "take one for the team"? You only think you are being terrorized. It will only hurt for a little while. You'll thank me later. Hopefully so will the Astros. Got that Astro?!


Pixie said...

Hey after you give Astro his hoseing down; wanna come give Izzy a bath for me? She's way past due!

ogres are like onions said...

You shouldn't be so hard on that poor thing. It's not like he/she can poo anywhere else besides IN the cage. And you don't get poo INSIDE your shoe (my next door neighbour's hen) or ON your opened new novel (lizards on the ceiling)... Now I don't like animals that can talk back to me (in broken/complete/obscene human words, that is), but I'm siding Astro because it's the name of my country's sole cable TV provider. Without Astro I wouldn't know what's MTV.

Anonymous said...

Hosin' the bird, I'm afraid, will not improve the team much. But like you said, it is the devil's day so sacrificing a few feathers may get them to .500.