Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Best Laid Plans Go Down The Drain Or On the Floor

We got the washer up the stairs and set up Monday evening. Tuesday morning I did three loads of laundry. The only problem seemed to be that everything was being washed in hot water. I dont use hot water. After all the electric bills are already too high. Ok, I'll wait to ask Jimmy about it when he gets home, no serious problem. So after I get all the clothes washed and dried I noticed water all over the floor. Not a good sign. Wipe up the puddles. Amanda, you'll have to wait til your dad can see what is wrong. Later after Jimmy gets home, he checks out why the washer is using hot water. Come to find out that Pat hooked up the water hoses backwards. Not a problem, easy to fix. Let's move on to the bigger problem of why the washer is leaking. Looking into the drum we discover that the water is not all going into the drum but down into the front of the machine. So Jimmy raised the front of it a little and the water then went where it was supposed to, or so we thought. So, after testing it we discover it is still leaking water. Thinking maybe one or more of the hoses may have a hole, Jimmy checked the back and under the washer where all the hoses are. No problem there. After all the lady we got the washer from said it never leaked, she was getting rid of it because it didn't match her new dryer. So, what does Jimmy discover? The pump is out! Great! Back to square one. That's what I get for trying to save money. Once again we are going to have to fight getting it down the stairs and another one up the stairs.Not a fun prospect. Since money is really tight now I really did not want to have to buy a new one. We have bought used appliances, like a dryer and refrigerator, before with no problem. I just really did not want to have to spend extra money that I don't really have.GRRR!! So now Amanda had to go to Pat's house tonight to wash her clothes. Hope she can dry them there too because the dryer here has begun taking longer and longer to dry. Guess that's about to go out too. And to think I was so glad to have a washer, again! As usual my plans go you know where. Then to top it all off this morning, for some reason I can't sign in to "My Yahoo" or my e-mail. Crap!


Duez said...

The water pump in a washer is really the engine that drives the thing. It is the most important part and usually the most expensive. We had ours replaced after 10 years last summer.

Water was leaking just like you said.

I can't remember how much it cost of hand. But, it was less than the price of a new washer, but not by much!

Jay Noel said...

The washer is the #1 cause of home flooding. Best to get a new one.

I have no idea how you found me, but thanks for stopping by. I noticed you didn't have any links. You should find some blogs you like to visit and link to them.

It's a great way to get more people to read your great writing!

cube said...

I'm sending good washer/dryer vibes your way. Sounds like you can use the help.

annieskyman said...

Sorry Mom....that sucks.

Oh, my Yahoo wasn't working yesterday it wasn't just you! It's working today though.
Brad and Aryn say hi to Grandma and PaPaw.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with the appliances ... just some thoughts to share.

Changing the pump in the washing machine is fairly easy. Sounds like Jimmy is pretty handy and should be able to do the job. Where I live there's a place called Dayton Appliance Parts and they sell parts for just about every appliance there is. I nursed our Maytag washer to it's 25 b-day. Finally broke down and bought a Neptune. The dryer has been rebuilt many times with parts from DAP.

On a dryer, when it takes longer and longer to dry it means there is no air circulation. Do the clothes feel warm? If not it could be the element is shot, but my bet is on a clogged up dryer. First thing to check on the dryer is if the vent hose is full of lint. Easiest way to clean it out is get the leaf blower and stick in there as far as it will go and turn it on. Then clean up the lint from the yard. Next take the hosing apart and clean it of call lint. ShopVac works great to do that.

I clean my drier and vent hose in the spring and in the fall. The spring clean is always worse than the fall. We hang clothes outside in the spring and summer. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ummm it should read that the housing apart .. not hosing. :)