Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mr.Fix-It, Really!

The Real Mr.Fix-It called yesterday to say he would be here between 9 and 10 this morning. Promptly at 9 he arrived and within 2 hours had just about everything done. He put in three smoke alarms, two window blinds, a bathroom light kit, fixed two doors, two floor tiles and the counter tops in the kitchen. He also took most of the trash from the back of the building.

The other guy who does not speak English took forever to paint and put new floor tile in the upstairs hall and left a mess in the process.I wonder what the "emergency" was that made it impossible for him to come? Deportation?

The only thing on my list that didn't get done was the stovetop burner replacement. Maybe the landlady has not bought one yet. He also did not take the large paint cans, saying by leaving them they would have a match. Yeah, but they are sitting outside in the "backyard". Funny, he also said he would not take the mirror that was left outside. Not superstitious, but...

At least most of the glaring, mainly cosmetic problems are done. And of course, now the disposal quit working after I had already given the landlady the list. And I don't really understand why drilling screws into the edges of a door is supposed to fix the split. He showed me where it had been done before, too. It shuts better, but still doesn't latch very well. Of course that is easier to fix and Jimmy will probably do that himself. He'll probably also replace the disposal too, just not right now because we don't have the extra $60-100 for a new one. That is not a priority now. I would like the burner replaced. They are only about $35 and just snap in.

Well, at least most of the stuff is done. We really don't care about some of the stuff which is really due to ware and tear over the years. If we were buying this place it would be different. Some of the stuff is just not that important. I just want to make sure that later on, the landlady doesn't say that we did something wrong. That happened to me once before. I had a landlord who refused to return my deposit, saying that the place was dirty even though we left it in better, cleaner condition than when we moved in. That reminds me, I haven't gotten the deposit back from our former landlord. The thirty days will be up soon so, hopefully, we will get at least most of it back soon. I got the water deposit back the other day-minus the last bill. Funny how they do that cause I paid a bill that was up to the cut off day. Oh well, I'm not going to complain about $20. $1000, I will question.

One funny thing, while the guy was here fixing things, some Jehovah's Witnesses were attempting to visit the neighbor across the walkway, but didn't try here. Lady and Daisy were on the patio barking at them. Good girls! I don't like door to door people no matter what they are selling.

Now I have to find something to fix for supper...


Anonymous said...

Not selling, offering free treasure of truth.