Monday, December 18, 2006

Tis the Season...To Be Crabby

This season brings out the best in us, well some of us. Right now I am crabby, really crabby! I have been irritated ever since we made the decision to downsize. Now, I find out that it was partially Jimmy's idea to cut his pay, sinply because he did not want to deal with all the bs. He never discussed it with me. I had suggested that maybe he was burned out and needed a fresh outlook elsehere. Now I find out that he is "happy" where he is and he jus doesn't want to deal with all the crap. I understand that.So he'd rather do less plumbing so he won't be called all the time. So now he is doing things like riding a backhoe digging so they can lay the pipe, etc. Now he complains about being tired and sore. Hey, can't have it both ways!

That has me irritated now. I feel that I was misled. Then we get in this place and I am irritated more. Mr. Fix-It was supposed to be here last Wed. morning. At 4:30 Frday the landlady calls and said he could not get here because of an "emergency" Ya couldn't call and tell me sooner? By 4:30 Friday afternoon, I've already figured out that he wasn't coming. So she tells me he will be out Mon morning. Well, it is now 9:30. Where is he? I had a few errands I wanted to do early this morning, but decided to put them off until after he finished his work. Yeah, right. Maybe I should start a pool to see who would come closest to guessing when he will actually show up.

We had planned to do some pictre hanging and other little things Sunday. But somebody sat in his recliner and slept all day. "This house makes me sleepier than the other one" he says. I think to myself, "no it doesn't, you sleep every Sunday." No use arguing the point. So as usual nothing gets done. So the crabby meter rises.

Then Daisy is doing her best to make me really crabby. As usual, I have to get up early to take her outside. And even that causes irritation since she sometimes refuses to do all her business, leaving me a little package somewhere in the house, right after she's been out! Grrr... If that isn't enough to irritate me, she has this idea that she wants to go out every 1 to 2 hours. Some times she does something, sometimes not. If I don't jump up and take her out she paces the floor, back and forth. Watch my Crabby meter continue to rise, along with my blood pressure. This is on top of the long walks we have to take a couple of times a day. This was supposed to exercise her and tire her out so she would be calm and quiet. Right! Right now she is in the "doghouse"(no pun intended) because she pee'd on the floor between the time I took Lady out and I could get upstairs to get Daisy ready to go out. I have already discovered that I can't take them out together. Lady walks too slowly and only wants to get her business done and go back inside and Daisy is too fast and wants to see everything except what she should be doing.

Right now I have to say a little prayer for patience and understanding. I am feeling less Spirit of the Season and too much crabbiness. And now I have to go take Daisy out again before Mr.Fix-It gets here. Wonder what the odds are that he will be here today? There goes my crabby meter up again.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling crabby too, but your post reminds me that my reasons are nothing compared to yours. How I hate waiting for Mr. Fix-its to show up. But I think canine behavior might be a reaction to a new environment and trying to find boundaries.