Friday, December 29, 2006

A New Year Is Almost Here

Fireworks are already being heard and Daisy is not happy about it. I wonder how loud it will be here. Can I hide under the bed?

I am really hoping that 2007 will be a better year. I'm still having trouble with the idea that Jimmy decided to cut his responsibility and his pay because he is tired of the BS. I think he is probably suffering from a little job burnout. But, as he says, he now has it pretty easy. Yeah right, at $150 a week less? Some how he figured that I would jump at the chance to go back to work. Wrong pipedope breath! When he did not even discuss it with me! He just figured that I could either get a job working at home or a parttime job somewhere. It aint that easy. But, maybe I'll get lucky before we get any deeper in debt.

I'm am discovering how true some old sayings are. There is one that says something about you don't miss something until it is gone. I miss my house! I miss my yard! I miss my garage!

The weather people here are forecasting extreme bad weather this evening. Possible heavy rain, tornadoes and damaging large hail. I hope it stays away from my neighborhood. My little Trans Am is a convertible. Hail would not be kind to my little car. Now I wish I had some covered parking.

Maybe we will win the lottery next year. Maybe the home rental market will drop in Houston. Rental property is sky high here and continuing to go up!

Well, it doesn't cost anything to hope. Maybe opportunity will knock on our door and we will be home!. Hey, it could happen, right?


Anonymous said...

I do hope 2007 will be better for you. Have a good New Year's celebration. The dogs and I are preparing to watch endless football for the next days.

Anonymous said...

I heard some fire crackers tonight, too. People can't wait to ring in the new year I guess. Sounds good to me.

Hope you have a great 2007!

Go Stros!