Thursday, January 10, 2008

In My Next Life

Sitting in my chair surrounded by my two dogs, I came to a conclusion. If there is re-incarnation I want to come back as my dog(s). What a life. They get good food. Well, I guess it is good since they like it. They sleep in a nice warm kingsize bed. Most of all they have their people well trained. When they want to play, they pile the toys in front of me. When they do a good job, they know they will get a special treat. Yeah, stop bumping the back of my leg, Daisy! Daisy always lets me know when I don't give her a treat fast enough.

Daisy follows me everywhere. If I go to the kitchen, she's there. If I go to the bathroom, she is there knocking on the door. If I go to the bedroom for any length of time, she jumps on the bed to wait patiently for me to do something. Lady, on the other hand, doesn't follow me every where, just to my chair. The minute I sit down in the morning with a cup of coffee, there she is sitting up waiting to get into the chair beside me. Since she is ten years old, she need a little help getting in the chair. Then she worms her way into position so she can gaze at me with those big brown eyes. Yeah, I get suckered a lot! Daisy doesn't bother to beg for a spot. She just jumps on the arm of the chair and then pushes her way onto my lap. Sometimes I think Daisy tries to keep me from moving when she lays across my lap.

Yes, it is nice to be a dog in my house. They want for nothing. They give and get affection. They don't ask for money or to borrow the car. They are always happy to see me. How come my kids weren't that nice? Lady and Daisy have a great life. No wants, no worries. Well, occasionally they get in a hurry to go outside. They know what they have. Sometimes I wish I led their lives. Hey, my water dish is empty. Where is my food. Poof, it appears! Chilly, hop on the bed and dig under the covers. The only contest is who will get in my lap first.

Not all dogs are as lucky as they are. That is why I have often said I would like to be re-incarnated as my dog and live like they do. There are times when I have even thought having dogs was better than having kids. Yeah, think I will come back as a pampered pooch. Now if I can just find the right patsy, I mean human.


Anonymous said...

With my luck, I'd come back as a sled dog and have to work my tail off every day to earn the pampering.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Not all dogs are as lucky as Daisy and Lady are, but thank God they have someone like you to take care of them. What if you were reincarnated as one of them? Would it be the same? I know yours is a fun post made out of fondness for your dogs, but honestly.. YOU are their biggest and best asset.

Dr.John said...

Some poor dogs have really bad owners ask any animal shelter. Some dogs are used in dog fights. Pick something else.

cube said...

Yeah, it's important to have the right humans, otherwise you're in deep dog poop.

Me I'd like to be reincarnated as a human but with all the knowledge I gathered in my previous life. Tall order, eh?