Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rolling Stones Gather New Kids?

This is proof positive that bands never die. We have all seen the ancient Rolling Stones go on tour again and again. I remember seeing the Who reunited some years ago. They filled the Astrodome. The Eagles kept fans guessing for a long time before they re-united. Van Halen will be playing again. This time with Wolfgang Van Halen. Come on Valerie, did you really have to name him that?

Even Boyz II Men have been every where lately. I can't remember when I last saw them. Now word has leaked that New Kids on the Block are about to re-unite. New Kids? Well, they may have to change the band name to Middle Age Men on the Block. Some people are all atwitter. Well let's just say some women are. Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck on "The View" was excited on the show today. Oh, boy. I can remember when my kids were given tickets to a New Kids concert by their aunt. They were sooo excited. That was the one time I actually felt compassion for my sister-in-law who took them to the concert. Such fun.

So now that the rumors of an empending tour are racing through the media and the net who will be next? Will 98 degrees come back? They could call themselves 98 degrees and on medication. The Back Street Boys could finally find their way out of the back streets. I always thought they were a pretty good group. But, that's just me. I happen to like harmony. Will Justine and Joey get the urge. Some how I think N'Sync is just too far out of sync to get back together. But you never know.

Let's face it. The Rolling Stones still draw big crowds and huge money. In the looks department, ah well they never were the type to bring home to mother. Words fail me when trying to describe these old men jumping around the stage. Then again, they have been around forever. Can the New Kids or any of the "boy bands" hope to compete with the staying power of the Stones? Well at least I can understand the words... Wonder what my granddaughter would think about them? Now which Kid did my girls like??


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah baby! I'm soooooooooo there when they do reunite! I remember that concert! Ahhh it was soooo wonderful!

"you got the right stuff, baby"

Love ya mom!

Anonymous said...

I am so out of it, the Stones, Van Halen and The Eagles were pretty much the only names I knew .... can you say "old"?

bettygram said...

I guess If you like what you do you keep doing it.

cube said...

Let others spend their money on overpriced concerts for crap bands. Have you seen ticket prices recently? Yikes.

Unknown said...

Tickets? I remember when they were under $50 a peice. That's why I have not gone in a longggg time.

pineapple said...

Don't forget about the Spice Girls! Old is the new New! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!