Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Is It New Year Yet?

I hope everyone had fun during all the New Year's stuff. Hopefully we will all have a better 2008. I am still trying to remember where the week-end went. Jimmy had an extra day off since they did not work Monday. My daughter, Annie and her family came down to visit. They were going to come in on Friday but that would have put them here around midnight so they decided to go to Waco and spend the night with my other daughter, Traci and her family. So we expected Annie to come in around early afternoon. Yeah, that worked out well. They did not get here until 11:00pm on Saturday. So much for not having to wait up for them. We enjoyed seeing them again. The boys have grown a lot. The boys loved the aquarium. Ever watch a five year old boy lick the glass of an aquarium? I have yet to figurre out why he did that. They did have fun feeding the fish. Wonder if the fish did? I had forgotten how much energy five and three year old boys have. I also had forgotten how loud little boys are. They did actually manage to tire out Daisy. They chased her around and around the living room. That was one pooped dog!

On New Year's Eve Annie and Jason went to Amanda's for a party. Jimmy and I, on the other hand, struggled to stay awake long enough to see the New Year in. As we watched tv we also watched the clock. When the clock hit nine, we groaned that we had three more hours to wait. I guess for the people having parties time flew by, but not for us. All we could think about was going to bed. Sleep was more important.

I was quite proud of Daisy this year. She did not freak out nearly as much as she did the last couple of years during the fireworks. She only barked a few times. But neither she nor Lady wanted to go out to do their business with all the noise. They looked at me as if to say that they would rather wait to finish in the morning. I can't really blame them.

After they got on the road late yesterday afternoon, we relaxed in the quite of the empty house. Even the dogs quietly relaxed. It took a lot of energy to chase those boys around. Then came the nasty realization. The holidays are over. Jimmy wondered where the time to relax went. All those days off came to an end. It almost felt like we missed it all. It is New Year's, right? 2008?


Anonymous said...

We didn't wait up for the start of the new year. We went to bed about 10 and let the fireworks wake us.

maria said...

We went to bed and glad we did.
I enjoy my sleep much better than those fireworks which is kind of the same stuff year after year.
Boring to me.