Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Ain't Life Grand Day

Jimmy's truck is broken again (maybe it's bad karma?). So yesterday he had to take the Trans Am to work. Of course it was good to put it on the highway occasionally. But that meant that I had to wait to run to WalMart until he got home after 4 pm. So as soon as he came in I ran (or drove) to WalMart to get a money order for a bill and hit the ATM. So I pull into the parking lot and see a shopping cart smack in the middle of the parking isle. I have to drive around it to get to a parking spot. And sitting in a parking slot facing this wayward cart is the little security car with the "security guard" inside. I guess he figured it was not his job to move that cart. After all they have a cart crew to take care of that, right.

So I go in to the ATM. Crap, it's not working, so now I have to use the other one at the bank. That would cost me more. Nuts. Oh well. Then I get in line at the customer service area to pay for the money order. As usual, eight people in line and one clerk. Great. But I did get a big laugh out of the lady behind the man behind me. She was on her phone talking to someone. I hate it when I can hear someone talking on the phone. I always feel I'm intruding, but when a person talks in public, oh well. In the middle of her conversation she says to the person on the other end, "Step away from the computer!" The guy behind me and I looked at each other and started to laugh. I remember seeing car alarms at a car show that said "Step away from the vehicle" if you got too close. I could not help but think of that.

Finally done with my business, I leave the store. Out to the parking lot I go. As I drive down the isle a guy nearly backed out of his spot into me. I'm proud to say that not a single expletive left my mouth. I did manage "Dude!". Luckily I avoided him and moved on down the isle to again negotiate that stupid shopping cart! Hey, where are those guys in the bright orange t-shirts! Come get this cart!

After that the drive home was easy. It is the parking lots of the world that cause all the problems. On the other hand I have seen some highways that look like parking lots. Ain't life grand!