Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Didn't See That one Coming, Did She?

Have you ever seen those movies or tv shows where a husband and wife have been married a long time and then the husband starts to have a mid-life crisis? Maybe he buys a sports car to make him feel younger. Maybe he thinks life has past him by. He can't explain his feelings, but something is not going the way he'd hoped.The wife sees that something is different but he refuses to talk about it. After all he is depressed, who wants to discuss that. I remember watching the "The Starter Wife" with Debra Messing.It's plot was along the same lines. Husband works hard, has nice wife who helped and supported him, say for 20 years. Then "poof!" He decides he no longer wants his wife. He dumps her. "It's not you, it's me" he tells her. The "Starter Wife" is stunned, dumbfounded. She wonders what she did wrong. "Nothing", he says. Still, she feels blind-sided, hurt and angry.

So what is next in this show? Of course in tv soaps, the heroine always rises to the occasion. In real life, there are many questions and no clear answers. Most of the time the soon to be ex wife finds that there are a lot of roadblocks to her trip toward life alone. Her needs are many, her options are few. Better check with the writers...


Anonymous said...

i love you mom.


Dr.John said...

Just for your information. As Pastor I came to know a number of women whose husbands blindsided them and left that did very well. In fact some of them did far better than the husband. That was real life.