Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just One Day

How many times have we heard someone say they don't have enough time for themselves? We are all stressed out because of the way we live our lives. We work long hours, sometimes at jobs we don't like. Of course that job pays the bills. Family obligations keep us moving too. We schedule our lives and those of our kids so we and they will be "well rounded". Each day we drive for hours either to and from work or doing other things. We are constantly on the phone talking or texting or on the computer doing things. If we are not doing that we have earphones plugged into our ears to "relax" with music. We sit in front of the tv for hours escaping into various programs.

What if, for one day, there was nothing. No tv programs to watch, no music to hear. What would happen if we could not text, e-mail or call anyone? What if for that one day, there was literally nothing to do? What if for just one day you were totally alone with your thoughts? Nothing else available. Nothing to do. Nothing to read, nothing to eat or cook, nothing important that had to be done and no way to do it.

Just imagine that one day without everything "routine" in daily life. No sounds to interrupt thoughts. No-one to talk to. No place to go. What would you do with all this time? Would you be frustrated because you have no contact with the outside world? Would you miss your gadgets? Would you be bored? Would you re-discover you? You, alone with your thoughts and nothing else. For just one day, alone, what would happen?


cube said...

That sounded like the two days when I was sick with my last cold. I was pretty much a blob on the couch alternately hot and cold with a wicked fever.

I know that's not what you mean, but I guess if I found myself in those circumstances, I'd be quite comfortable in my own head.

Unknown said...

I just wonder how many people would not be able to function...LOL!

Dr.John said...

It is in the silence that the greatest of the Old Testament prophets met God. What you describe takes part to some degree in Church retreat centers all over this country. It is central to Quaker religion.
It might very well be a great thing.

Catch said...

I dont know if I would like it or not...Im kind of a mover...either reading, cleaning, on the web, or watching tv...I could probably enjoy a half of a day of silence..then I gotta move!!! lol