Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Can't a Girl Poop in Peace?

I have come to one conclusion. I will not miss Lucy! Lucy is the wild child dog who belongs to the lady who keeps all those kids.While I love dogs, I do believe that it is not right to let them outside in this area without supervision. To many things can happen, none of them good.

We have sort of an agreement in our building between Kayla, the pitbull, and Lady and Daisy. We try to not be outside at the same time or at least go in separate ways to do the business. But Lucy is another story. She is so wild and hyperactive that she nearly runs over Lady and Daisy. She really wants to play but she is much too rough and runs around and even over them.

Lucy used to be let out the door early in the morning and later in the evening to do her business. I managed to avoid her by taking Lady and Daisy out at a different time. But lately Lucy seems to be running wild around the buildings every time I try to take my dogs outside. I have nearly tripped a couple of times as Lady or Daisy tries to do what they need to do. She's bigger than them and I'm a little afraid they could accidentally get hurt. So just call me annoyed. How is a girl supposed to poop in peace around here?


Bazza said...

It is a shame that people can't be more responsible where their dogs are concerned (and their children for that matter!)

pineapple said...

Get one of those pop open umbrellas and pop it open to scare the beejesus out of that dog when it gets too close.

cube said...

People should keep track of their dogs and their children. There's no excuse for letting them run loose.