Friday, March 06, 2009

So Much to Do

Well, I've been busy going through things and packing. I have a feeling there is a library somewhere near Waco that will be getting some books. I'm getting tired of moving them around. I've actually managed to clean out the closets. I have boxed up other books and cd's and a few dvds. I can't believe that I have over 150 record albums. What is funny is that the price is still on some of them. How does $2.98 sound? I'm also working on packing two sets of china. I will have to re-pack some of my breakables including the china cause the boxes are just too heavy.

Jimmy and I may go over to our storage building this week-end to check on some stuff. We may have to do a switch with one of our bed/dresser sets. He wants the one that was his which was stained a darker color than the other. So we will probably have to take one out of storage and put it in the second bedroom while the other one goes with me.

Right now my back hurts and my emotions are still racing from one extreme to the other. I seem to wake up every morning feeling the "how could you do this to me" emotion. Sometimes I have to fight really hard to keep from crying. Some days I suceed, other days I don't. Why do we have to do this is always on my mind. Then there are other days when I want to get on with it and try to start over. There must be a reason that I have been put in this position. As bad as I feel I have to remind myself not to think like a victim. Maybe this was "in the stars" all along. Maybe I will find a better life. After all God has the plan, right?

Now the question is to color or not to color? I haven't colored my hair in a while so the gray is coming out more. Seems I have something in common with President Obama. We both are showing more gray. Can't be because of stress, right? Hum.

Well, now I have to go stare at the tax forms.... Yes, Uncle Sam, I hear you calling.


cube said...

Your life will be better if you make it so. Start by coloring your your hair. It will give you a little lift whenever you walk past a mirror and see yourself.

Unknown said...

Yup! I think you are right! Time for me to reinvent myself.

Anonymous said...

I forgot my name on blogger...oh well.

Bobby said if you want to bring the village...he has a great idea for it in the kitchen area with our space above the counters so you can have it out year round.