Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sounds of China Spring

China Spring is a few minutes outside of Waco and worlds apart from Houston. Traci and Bobby's house is in a newer subdivision which is still building. For the most part it is quiet.

I can usually tell what time it is in the morning by the sounds. First I hear the neighbor's car as they leave for work. Then I hear my grand children getting ready for school as they shut their bed room doors (slam sometimes) and go out the front door. Then I hear the school bus as it stops to pick them up.

Then there are the sounds of the birds as they begin to chirp a greeting to the day and each other. Sometimes I can hear the dogs next door arguing or playing. Then since there are several houses being built here I can hear the noise of the nail guns and hammers as the put together houses. Several times a day small planes fly around the airport. Three times a day there is a commuter plane from American Airlines that drops in too.

But the most interesting sound I have heard so far is at night. The nights are usually quiet until the coyotes decide to start talking or singing. I have seen on tv stories about these animals and listened as some photographer goes out at night to film them. I never really thought about it until I was outside in the dark and heard them. The barking and yowling is a bit unnerving when you are not used to it. After all, sirens I know. Coyotes not so much. Their conversations can be a little creepy. They like to gather in the pasture behind the houses and do what ever it is they do... I don't think they have gone under any of the fences into the yards but the thought has occured to me. What would I do if one did? But as long as they stay where they are, I guess I will get used to the symphony of coyotes. It is more interesting than the loud car radios that rattle the windows in Houston.


Dr.John said...

Singing coyotes. Perhaps we could get them on American Idol.
I don't hear anything in the morning until I put my hearing aid in.