Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Thing I Don't Bet on Football

I was interested in watching the football games this weekend. But Saturday we went store browzing. It is rare to get Jimmy out of the house on week-ends so I gave up the afternoon game. We did get back in time to watch some of the late game. I had my ideas of which teams would win. Well the Packers won. I was glad, although I do like the Seahawks. But I figured the Packers would win. I also thought the Patriots would win. No brainers, right? Hey, I'm on a roll here. Not so fast oh little Texan fan...

We sat down Sunday to watch the other games. I figured Peyton Manning would lead the Colts to victory. Cough, cough. What happened here? Maybe it was a good thing that Jimmy kept changing the channel to movies. "Bad Company" was better than the game. I was irritated every time he flipped the channel. Maybe he knew something I didn't. We did see the last few minutes of the game. I thought the colts would pull out the win. I held a secret desire to have a Manning vs Manning Superbowl. But I was also hoping the Cowboys and Romo could put the distractions behind them and grab a win. I had been a Cowboys fan ever since one of the guys I went to high school with played safety for them in the 70's. Alas neither choice was to be. Well, at least the Manning boys' mother won't have to fret over them playing against each other. On the other hand did the New York Post hurt the Cowboys by planting a fake Jessica Simpson in the stands? So now Eli has to get tickets for Peyton. That is a twist.

So now the Chargers will play the Patriots and the Giants will play the Packers. Let's see. The Chargers have a good chance against the Patriots. And yet again a Manning will go for a title chance. Just not the Manning most people thought it would be. Will the Patriots go all the way to an undefeated season? Or will the ultimate upset occur ? All I know is that I am not an odds maker and I am very glad I did not have money on the games this weekend. I give up. But stranger things have happened. Only time will tell.


Dr.John said...

We all know the Patriots will win. The Packers I don't know but I can hope.

Anonymous said...

Football? It's the noise in the back ground while I'm reading. It is also the reason OC bounces up and down on the end of the couch and says occasional bad words -- except as a rule he's ticked at the commercials, not the games.

cube said...

We watched boh games, and since my
Bucs are out of it, I'm not too worried about who's going to win.

I was hoping for a Colts win because of Coach Dungy, but it was not to be.

What will be, will be. Like I said, my team's out of it, I'm just hoping to see some good football. That Packers game in the snow was sweet.

maria said...

I am a football widow. But I don't mind, I can't stand sports. So that leaves me with plenty of free time to do what "I want to do".

Suits me just fine.