Friday, January 18, 2008

How Well Do You Know Your Pet?

I saw an old clip of comedian Jonathan Winters the other day. I always loved his skits. In this clip he asked "do you take your clothes off in front of your dog?" While this seems to be a funny question, think about it. Do you? I have had both cats and dogs at one time or another. The cats I have had always seemed to tolerate us being in their world. My dogs, on the other hand, always wanted to be right in the middle of everything. So I thought about it. What do our dogs think about us naked. Do they notice that we have put on weight? "Hey, pop, you'r getting a little tubby around the middle". Or, "Put some clothes on, will ya!"

Most of us pay attention to the obvious comments our pets make. Let's see, I have heard the slap of the food dish as it went sailing across the room with no food in it. I have been chastised by Lady and Daisy for not moving fast enough to tend to their whims. Sometimes I think Daisy would like to be a fashion critic. "You're wearing that again?" "Hurry up, I've got things to do!" Lady likes to sleep in the bed right next to my husband. Not just curled up. Oh no, she had to lie in the bed on her back as if she were human. If we give her a funny look, she looks to us as if we are the crazy ones. But now I will have to watch the dogs a little closer. They do seem to have opinions on things we do here. Do they really have to watch me brush my teeth? Maybe I should just ask their opinions. After all they watch everything. "Either of you girls need a blanket?" "What do you mean you want me to move over?"


Anonymous said...

I still miss my golden Lab, Georgie, even though he used to try to push me out of bed.

pineapple said...

One of my dogs can be outside or dead asleep in the other room and will all of the sudden out of nowhere be sitting right in front of me watching when I change clothes. Very strange and kinda creepy.

cube said...

OK, this is a creepy post. I try not to think about what my pets think about under those circumstances. I can only take comfort in that I know they can't blog about it afterwards ;-)