Monday, January 28, 2008

It's That Time of Year

"Hello boys and girls, do you know what time it is?" No, it's not Howdy Doody time. Besides if you were not watching tv in the 50's you don't even know the show. So what time of year is it? Super Bowl week! Yes it is the Monday of Super Bowl week. The hype will go on and on until late Sunday when we are subjected to all sorts of sights and sounds ending with the big game. Too bad none of my teams are playing. The Texans are looking toward the draft for help for next year. And my other teams, well... The Packers tried. The Cowboys kept seeing Jessica. Hey Tony, pay attention. Oh well.

We did have a Super Bowl game here in Houston. Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. Most people who went to the game liked Reliant Stadium, especially the players. On the other hand, the only thing this game will be remembered for will forever be "Wardrobe Malfunction". Thanks Janet and Justin!!

So now we have a week of interviews and speculation by sportwriters. How many clips will we see regarding Tom Brady? Is he injured, will he play? My guess? No and Yes. Personally I don't think he is hurt. Hey Giants, don't pay attention to the injury reports! How many times will Eli Manning and Tom Brady be asked the same dumb questions? Just imagine all that press following every movement and every word. Gotta fill all that tv time and newspaper space.

Finally Sunday will get here and things will begin in earnest. First there will be all the pre,pre,pregame festivities. That is to give you enough time to make sure you have enough snacks and drinks on hand.Then later in the afternoon you will have a chance to run out and restock all the stuff you finished off. Then there is the pre-game in which there will be dancers and singers who used to be popular killing time until the National Anthem. This will then be sung by a singer who will give new meaning to the word "butcher". Just sing it! I hate those vocal acrobatics some singers do. Frances Scott Key would surely have his ears covered, not to mention twist in his grave.

Finally the game will begin. And of course we can not forget those expensive commercials. In the past some of the commercials have been more entertaining than the game. We must also not forget to run to the bathroom at just the right time. Can't miss a play of the game. Or overload the sewer systems. I seem to remember a time when someone sent a bunch of kids to all the stadium restrooms to flush all the toilets at once. Testing anyone? At the end of the first half will be the much hyped half time "spectacular". Will Tom Petty make it grand? Will it be worth it? For that matter will the game be worth it?

Eventually after seemingly endless hours surrounding the Superbowl, a winner will be crowned, the trophy will be held up, probably by the winning quarterback and then all that paper will begin to rain down. What a mess. Will the Patriots have prevailed and gone on to a perfect season or will the Giants ruin the Patriots party? Will Eli finally get out of Peyton's shadow? I don't know. Me. I'm already looking forward to the Astros spring training. Just a few more weeks...


Dr.John said...

And we will wait for the new season and the Packers. It goes on.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the packers game. I wanted them to go to the super bowl.

Michael's birthday falls on superbowl sunday. And jason's is the friday before!

cube said...

My team is out of it too :-(