Friday, May 29, 2009

The First Thing We do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers

Shakespeare wrote that in "Henry VI" actually as a tribute to lawyers. Huh? Me, I just want to kill one of those debt collection lawyers.I had been collecting child support from my first ex-husband via a Texas collector. Well, as my luck runs, he stopped paying in March. About the same time I get a notice from this agency that they will no longer handle my case because of financial problems. They referred all cases to a debt collector lawyer group in New Hampshire. Oh, joy. No, make that, Shit! Somebody else I have to fight with. Grrr.

As soon as I learn who now has control of this I sent them an e-mail and asking the usual questions. They promptly responded with the usual and thanked me for my information (including my new address). I nearly choked at their letterhead, part of which read "your satisfaction is our priority". In their correspondence they told me I would be receiving a packet in 7-10 days. I should read the information, sign and return some papers. My thoughts are that I don't really want to sign a contract with them. I'd rather have the Texas AG office handle it. So then I have to contact them. The AG child support office says we need your 8 digit case number and the 10 digit customer number. Steam starts to blow from my ears. That stuff is in the bottom of a tightly packed box in the garage. I didn't think I'd need it. So either I dig through boxes or maybe the AG's office can find my case by my social security number. I have not heard back from them yet. They won't given information verbally. They have to send it through the mail. Steam.

So imagine my surprise this afternoon when I get an IM from my current almost ex-husband telling me there is a Fed Ex envelope for me at the old address. What? Uh...So I give him the address here. He says he'll send it on. Oh, joy. So then he said that would be something for me to write about on my blog. Yeah, buddy, here it is. Of course I had to tweet my irritation, too. Put something in print in black and white and these idiots still can't get it right! Now you know why I said..."kill all the lawyers"... I communicate to them, what part did they not understand? Jeez!

And then this afternoon, Traci discovers the AC is not cooling. Oh, joy. Someone should be out here in a couple of hours... heard that one before, too.

The only saving grace will be if the Astros beat the Pirates. The way they have been playing, that will be a big if. Come on guys, give me something to smile about today!


cube said...

Dealing with a bureaucratic mess is the worst. I push paper all day long myself and it's a big fat chore.

I'm not sure, but it sounds as though your ex is a bit insecure about your blog. I'm just saying...

cube said...

BTW our toilet & tub backed up this past week. It's always something.

Unknown said...

So true!