Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello Miss Diva, Remember Me?

There are sometimes when I wonder, "why do I do this?" Living with a diva is rough. Some days I think I live with two divas. It just depends on their mood, I guess. Although Lady rarely cares one way or the other about what happens, she must voice her opinion to the annoyance of everyone else. When the kids come home from school there are frequent knocks on the door. Usually it is one or more of the little kids wanting to play. Sometimes someone will want Cheyanne for something. Sometimes it is a little like Grand Central Station with people going in or out. Lately the Grand Dame, Lady has taken up residence on the couch under or on whatever blanket is available.So, while she is on her "throne" she makes sure to notify all, that with every knock at the door, she is annoyed. She sits there barking one single bark at a time until someone (that would be me) has to come speak directly to her to tell her to stop. Only then will she stop her opinionated barks which apparently are because her peace has been breached. Shush, dog! Yes you are a dog!

And of course we must not forget the Big Dog of Divas. Daisy. For a short little dog, she really assumes that she is in charge of all she surveys. Eveyone from kids to adults who happen to venture outside while Daisy is outside must immediately come thither and bow to her. Yes, kids are easy to order around. Adults, not so much. And yet she persists. Now that a house it being built directly across the street, it is very hard to get her to concentrait on the mundane things in life like doing her business. After all, everyone should notice her as she wags her tail in that come hither way. She simply can not understand why those guys don't notice her. Even walking down the street has it's hazzards. The sounds of some other "dog" (she is a Diva remember) barking from a back yard is cause for her to be alert. I, her obediant servant must make sure that her duties get done so that she is relieved of such mundane tasks. And don't even ask her to do anything in grass that might be just a little high or wet! With the recent rain, the back yard is no longer to her liking especially in the morning. After all grass must not touch the belly of the Diva nor should she have wet feet! She is not amused, so she seems to say.

Sometimes it is just not that easy with a dogs for pets. And to think they are supposed to be good for your heart and blood pressure. Uhuh, sure. Well I guess it is better than being a "yes,dear" to a man. Or is it?


cube said...

I can relate. Dogs & cats can be real divas, only cats are a lot more quiet about it.