Monday, May 18, 2009

The Trouble with Tribbles

Last night I decided to watch some old tv. So since I loved the original "Star Trek" tv show I decided to see if I could find the episode which has always been one of my favorites - The Trouble with Tribbles. So grandson,
Brad and I sat down to watch how the little furry creatures ran amok in the story. Brad was not really familiar with the original show that ran from 1966 - 1969. So I had a bit of explaining to do abuot who was who and what they were doing. He was wowed by how the Enterprise could just zip through space as it did ala old tv. Then I explained about the Klingons and how we had to be careful with them cause the were often the "bad guys". Brad was also interested in Mr. Spock's ears. He thought they were weird. So we had a little talk about Spock's heritage and how he works with Capt. Kirk. Then he saw the first tribble.

He asked my all about tribbles and where they came from, why are there so many, and why you can't tell which end is which. As the scenes changes and more and more tribbles showed up Brad laughed and giggled more and more. He thought it was funny when Capt. Kirk sat on one. Brad really liked the scene where Kirk ends up chest deep in tribbles and says "Somebody close that door". Then I told Brad to watch what happens later when the tribbles disappeared. Afterall Scotty did send them to the Klingons where they'll be "no tribble at all".

Brad wanted to watch another episode but, school tomorrow, his mother told him. Maybe we have a future Trekkie?


Dr.John said...

The new Star Wars movie means an ongoing supply of Trekkies. Your grandson is now becoming one of thjem.
I loved tribbles.

cube said...

My girls loved the Tribbles episode as well. "Trials & Tribbulations", the Deep Space Nine episode that plays homage to the old ep is really good too. It's worth watching if you liked The Trouble With Tribbles.

BTW did you happen to notice the Tribble in the new Star Trek movie?

Dr. John: The new Star Wars movie? Is that a Freudian slip or intentional satire?

Unknown said...

I will try to check out that episode. I'm still waiting to see the new flick. I understand you have to watch closely or you will miss some things like the tribble. So I will be looking...