Saturday, May 23, 2009

Was That a Firefly?

Bobby and I were sitting on the back porch last night talking about life. As I looked out toward the back of the yard I could see little flashes of light. They seemed to be everywhere. I can't remember when I last saw fireflies. I found myself drawn to their winged ballet.At times it seemed that they lit up the whole yard. It was a clear night and they seemed to be everywhere. I remember chasing them when I was a kid. I even managed to capture a few in a jar once. I could not take my eyes off them as the signaled to each other.

In Houston it is hard to find any fireflies. I guess that is one reason I enjoyed watching them last night. I don't really know why people in Houston don't see them anymore. Maybe it is because of all the lights around the city. Maybe when they have to spray for mosquitoes in the summer it kills fireflies. I don't know. Spraying doesn't seem to cut down on the mosquito population very well. Maybe harms the fireflies? Or maybe the fireants destroy the fireflies before the hatch out of their grub state?

I'm just going to have to sit outside more often so I can watch those guys. The male firefly is the one who has the "fire" so he can signal females. That is some pickup line. "hey baby, what's your sign?" Flash, flash... What can we learn from a firefly? Maybe, just enjoy them? Maybe something else? I guess it is all in your point of view. I enjoyed my "point of view" from the porch last night.


Bazza said...

Sounds like fun, sadly something I suspect I will never witness.

cube said...

There used to be more fireflies than there are now. We still see a few of them here & there.