Friday, August 26, 2005


People around here a sitting on their hands these days because the Brac group is debating the closure of Ellington Field and the retirement of its fighter planes. I worry because if they do this we will not have any protection for our gulf coast. We have a lot of oil refineries around here as well as a very busy port. When the FAA ordered all commercial planes out of the skys after 9/11 we could hear the fighter planes high over head patroling. We need the protection. Besides, as long as Bush 41 lives here he comes in there as well as Bush 43. An of course we have NASA here. Granted it wont help keep illegal aliens from crossing the border but an old fighter jet is better than no fighter jet


waybar said...

We are having the exact same issue here in MN. Hopefully, all will go well. It is more than the protection issue in that these highly qualified people will lose their jobs. We also live close to the Canadian border so that is an issue as well. Take care!

Unknown said...

Thanx! Since Texas orders Mexico I share your feelings I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya