Thursday, August 25, 2005

South Carolina Part II

First the Chrisitian Exodus ( wants South Carolina to leave the union to become an independent Christian country. Now some idiot wants the University of South Carolina to drop the gamecocks as their mascot. Oh boy, they say since cockfighting is illegal USC should not have them as a mascot. Apparently since it brings up cruelty issues as well as association with other illegal activites such as drugs and illegal gambling. USC has been around since 1801. Suddenly, it should change their mascot? Maybe Clemson University should drop the Tiger as its mascot in light of the recent mauling of a teenage girl. Maybe Southern Cal should drop the Trojan as its mascot. Dont want to offend the ancient Romans, or the condom industry. I think I am going to be sick.


Jeff said...

The football Giants are definitely insensitive to the vertically challenged. The Yankees are an offense to the South. The Saints are an offense to non-Christians. Then, of course, there's the Chiefs and Redskins. Oh by gosh by golly!!

Apostle John said...

This is just too much :)

So I guess this is going to be the future -- South Carolina Roosters. Washington Skins. Chicago Multi-Cultural Sox.

As for Yankees -- I'm a native of SC, and I don't find that New York team's name offensive, as long as it has the proper prefix, Damn :)