Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Internet Poker Players Beware!

Ok, you internet poker players out there, listen up! Trash talking is not necessary. My husband has been playing internet poker for a couple of months now. He has great fun and enjoys chatting with the players. He has noticed that there are frequently players joining the table have the humor of a mad bee. Apparently, some men think it is fun to bully women players and make them so upset that they leave the table. This made my husband mad. He plays with a group who have fun and joke around while playing. He really gets mad when low class (apparently) men join the table and think it's fun to be rude and crass to the women players. This is not fun! There is no need to upset people like that. You think you will win more by intimidating and being mean spirited in your sick excuse for humor. You wont! The good guys will run You off!


VirusHead said...

Hurrah for the good guys!

S said...

That's the reason I stopped playing spades on line. People were just rude rude rude! There is never a reason to be rude.