Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson speaks

Mr Robertson has a point. It would be cheaper to off the Venezuelan President rather than start a war. The bigger question is do public figures have the right to use the celebrity as a soap box? Witness the Dixie Chicks. Personally I think we have the right to free speech, even if it embarressed the administration. But doing it on a showcase such as a concert or, in Mr Robertson's case his 700 Club program is questionable. Maybe he should have prefaced it saying that he was editorializing and that his opinions were his own.


Unknown said...

The bigger question is what has Chavez ever done that warranted assassination or the nation of Venezuela ever done that warrants an illegal attack?

Apostle John said...

It has become popular for us to complain about celebrities using their fame for soap boxes. However, if we complain about Robertson (and Lord knows I have:) and we want to say he can't use fame as a soap box, then we'd also have to say folks like Jerry Lewis shouldn't use his fame for MDA telethon. We just have to take the good and the bad. It's the curse that comes with the gift of free speech.