Monday, August 08, 2005

I cant win

I cant win. I guess you could call me a "hands off" parent. My kids are all grown up. About the only time I hear from them may be on Mother's Day or Christmas when they make the obligatory phone call. I'm not the type who calls constantly wanting to know what is going on or what the grandkids are doing. I know that they have their own plans and activities. We dont even live close. I have never been a type of person ( or parent) who interupts. I know they have their own active lives and I applaud that. Sometimes I feel I cant win. I was chastised last year because I forgot to call my younger daugter on her anniversary, so this year I remembered. They live across the state and since it was a Sunday I did not want to disrupt their activities, so I sent her a text message hoping not to interfere with what they were doing. She t-mailed back "thank you, we are watching a movie" Well, so sorry I bothered you. I cant win!