Saturday, April 14, 2007

Decorating? Don't Forget the AC Compressor

In the spring many people think of home improvement projects. Many choose to repaint or decorate a room or rooms in their house. Some decide it is time to landscape their yard or plant new flowers and shrubs or trees. All the colors of the new growing flowers just seem to make people a little more optimistic about life.

So think about this. Not only can you go to the local plant store or nursery to get those pretty, colorful plants, you can now have color on your air conditioner compressor. Huh? The York brand of air conditioners has been advertizing that they now have their compressors in colors. After all the house has a color scheme, right? The outside siding, trim or brick has different colors. Flowers and plants frequently accent the outside colors of the house. So now the air conditioner compressors are in colors too. Yeah, make sure the compressor matches the colors of the house.No longer is there the boring metal box sitting by or behind the house. It is now a decorative accent!

But, it does not stop with just the color offerings of the compressors. Now a compressor can also tell all the neighbors what college team you support. Somehow the color accents of the compressors can now include logos of colleges. Imagine that! So tell your neighbors what school you support by flying it's banner and showing it on the AC compressor. Isn't this a little much? What if your family favors more than one school? What if you sell your house?

I can just see it now. As a true Texas Longhorn fan, would you buy a house whose owner's air conditioner says Texas A&M Aggies? Call the decorator! Then call the AC sales man. What next?


Anonymous said...

I saw an ad for this AFTER I spent a few thousand to have a new unit installed on my roof. (yes, that is where we put them around here.) I'm a 49ers fan though and I'm not sure how a sign on my roof would sit with the Raiders fans around here.