Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hiding Crackers are We?

Dogs really do funny things. I was cleaning up the living room the other day and found a surprise. It was wash day so first I picked up the blankets from Lady's chair;yes she has her own chair. Daisy's idea of her chair is anywhere I sit. So as I picked up the toys to put them in the other chair, I discovered a small theft. I noticed the other day that Daisy had jumped into the chair with all the toys and was pushing the little blanket around. It was like she was trying to cover up something.Now I know she was. She's quite adept at stealing food out of the hands of unsuspecting snackers. Just ask Amanda about the loss of her muffin. When I saw her nosing the blanket around I thought it was funny.

Imagine my surprise to discover that Daisy had found a snack pack of crackers somewhere and decided to "bury" them. I guess that the snack cracker package had fallen either off the counter or fell out of the pantry. I never saw her take them. She did not bite or smash them or try to tear open the plastic. She just hid them under the blanket in the chair. Wonder when she did that? Oh well. Kids say the darnest things and dogs do the darnest things. Maybe now I need to keep an inventory of our snacks?


Anonymous said...

I finally had to just leave dry dog food in their bowls all the time because my dogs were constantly squirrling away food. It's like they remember starving sometime in their past (never happened) and are saving food.