Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Give Him the Bird

Jimmy and I have been discussing question of getting rid of Astro the parrot. I'm in favor, he's not. Of course Jimmy doesn't have to clean the cage, the wall, the table or sweep the floor of seeds and poop. Occasionally he looks into the cage and speaks to the bird. I get stuck with the loudmouth bird and all the mess. We have found someone who would like to have it. So, this morning Jimmy stands in front of the cage and chats with the bird. "Oh, I'll just go buy another one" he said. As the steam rises from my ears, I told him fine-you do all the care and cleaning and smelling of it. This place is too small for us and the bird. To keep the bird quiet so it won't disturb the neighbors, I have to keep the cage covered. I've said over and over it's not fair to the bird. We can't even put him on the patio because he is so noisy. Of course the cats in the neighborhood would love it.

Then we see a news story about a man stuck in a tree. Breaking news- a man is stuck 60 feet up a tree with along with a bird. This guy owns a $2000 Unbrella Cockatoo which had flown out a window. The man climbed a tree to rescue this bird and could not get down. News choppers are overhead broadcasting pictures of the man and bird in the tree. A couple of local fire departments go to the scene but due to the location can't get to the tree to rescue the man. A Houston police department helicopter was called but wasn't able to help. Next,the Coast Guard comes out and finally is able to rescue the man and his prized bird. Let's see, the first fire department estimated their cost for this attempted rescue to be between $5,000 and $10,000. Neither the Coast Guard or the other local fire departments have said how much their price was. That guy must really love that bird.


.Tom Kapanka said...

Happy Easter from POI!