Friday, April 20, 2007

Sometimes We Should Just Shut Up.

First we see the rants of a madman. All the news channels have broadcast this. Some people were not happy to have this shown, others felt they got a look into the troubled mind of this person. His parents are now forced to leave their home and move frequently so that the public will not bother them.

Then we see the rants of another man. This man is a public figure who has a tv show currently running on NBC. has broadcast the ranting phone call of Alec Baldwin to his daughter, Ireland. He is very angry at her because she did not answer her phone. He screams at her, calling her a "pig". He blames his ex-wife and yells that his daughter has done him wrong. The news channels deleted the profanity when they aired the audio. Somehow I get the feeling that it is "all about Alec". He complains how his daughter treated him badly on and on.

Maybe we should all take a look at what we say and how we say it. Let's look at ourselves the way others see us. True this is hard to do, but maybe we should. I know I have thrown tantrums in the past. Usually, I felt better afterwards. After all, this was an easy way to blow off steam and let loose frustration. Sometimes I felt bad after ranting, sometimes I was embarrassed.

There is an old saying which relates "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". If more people followed that philosophy, there would be fewer upset people in this world. Maybe there would be fewer wars. If we just stopped to think before we start ranting...Is there a better way to get the point across? Obviously Alec Baldwin never thinks before he speaks at least without a script in front of him. I knew that he and his wife had a very contentious marriage and divorce but I really wish he (they) would leave the kid out of it.

I wonder if all hot air being spewed by the blowhards of this world are contributing to global warming. There is one thing for sure if we thought more about what we were about to say or yell we might be better off. At least the world would be a little quieter.


Anonymous said...

Both the rant of the killer and psycho dad were aired over and over. I don't see the point of doing that. Is there that much newsworthy to them? Are we better off for having heard them?