Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look at That-That's My Car!

Jimmy and I were playing with the Google maps the other day. It seems that all the news channels are now using it for stories. Zoom in on any city or country. Just think of those wonderful satellites roaming the skys taking pictures of Mother Earth. With just a click of a mouse you can find nearly anything in the world. Is that comforting? Did we find those weapons of mass distruction? Is a rogue army building up some lethal hardware? What is going on at Paris Hilton's house?

Then I looked right down at our building. I saw my car in the parking lot. That felt a little strange. Do I feel secure that someone is watching over me? Do I feel that my privacy is invaded? There is no good answer here. To think that someone can send a message to a satellite and find almost anything or anyone is both empowering and unnerving. Seeing my car in our parking lot made an impression on me. Technology is great. To think that satellite is keeping watch over my little car, well...uh,hum. I can't help feeling a little unsettled. Yet in our fast moving world, it is important to know where my car is.


Anonymous said...

I felt exactly like you did the first couple of times - but then I though - I rather want my privacy able to everyone than a few sneaky government snoopers. This way no one is "safe" not even those who used to snoop on us before this thing went public.