Thursday, February 07, 2008

CSI,Law & Order or Soap Opera?

Life imitates art so the saying goes. Well maybe. Maybe it imitates tv. All the Houston tv stations as well as the national networks have reported on the steroid scandal in baseball. Former Astros pitcher Roger Clemens is right smack in the middle. Yesterday his former trainer Bryan McNamee dropped a bombshell by saying that he has evidence proving that he injected Clemens with steroids and HGH. Clemens continues to deny that he ever took these. He even spoke on Capital Hill about this. So this is a he said, he said problem.

Daily soap operas don't have this much drama. They just take months to kill someone or weeks to discover who is the daddy of the pregnant tramp who was found dead. "CSI" deals with the evidence all the time. They gather the evidence, study it and decide how and who did the deed. Now Bryan McNamee says he has evidence that he did the deed. He says he has bloody gauze, vials, and syringes which he says are proof. Now it is time for the CSI boys at the feds lab to decide if there is indeed DNA evidence to prove this. If the results comeback with DNA of Roger Clemens it could prove that he has been lying all along. This could result in perjury charges. Then we go to the Law & Order and get a trial. This could get ugly.

Then there is my own question. Why would a trainer keep vials, gauze and syringes which he used on someone for seven years? That to me seems to be a little strange and premeditated. He knew what he was doing. Did he tell Clemens that he was injecting him with the steroids and HGH? Or did he tell him it was something else? Suddenly now he has produced this proof. Keeping this stuff for so long seems like the act of a person who has a grudge or wants to discredit someone. And so, in true soap style the scene is set for the Young and Restless to fight All My Children for The Guiding Light of truth for they have only One Life to Live.


Anonymous said...

Love the mockery!

One does wonder why someone would keep another persons -- or even their own! -- bloody bandages for years after they should have been disposed.

pineapple said...

All I have to say is: eeeeeeeeew! That is just gross. I'm so tired of this witch hunt. I think at this point, there are some serious credibility issues on both sides of this. I mean, if this evidence existed all along, why wait until now to offer it up? I just don't think you forget that you have a bunch of bloody bandages hanging around the house. And I also wonder how you prove that this evidence hasn't been tampered with after it has been tucked away for all of these years. Maybe there is a big part of me that doesn't want to believe that Roger Clemens is innocent, but I am very doubtful of this convenient "evidence".

Dr.John said...

I loved the ending. It was weird enough to have been writen by me.

dmarks said...

"Why would a trainer keep vials, gauze and syringes which he used on someone for seven years?"

What would those go for on eBay?