Monday, February 25, 2008

Who Needs an Oscar When There Is Daisy

Well I have noticed the Oscar telecast was low rated. I guess the writers strike and any other thing was more interesting than a bunch of men and women in expensive clothes congratulating themselves. Their speeches to seem to ramble on as they thank everybody on the planet. But, they have yet to thank Daisy.

My dear daschund, Daisy thinks she should be the award winner of all awards. Just going out for business or exercise is cause for a media frenzy. Or so Daisy thinks. She can be in mid-poop and spy someone walking a street away and pose for the camera. That must be hard to do while being in a squat. I'm not saying she is self absorbed but she expects that all passers-by or drivers, workers or anyone else within range should take notice of her. I have to remind her that not everyone thinks she is adorable. Of course that does no good. She will see someone at the fire station and wag her tail and pose for them. If someone pulls into a driveway they must be coming to see her, right? That seems to be what she thinks. She will stop what ever she is doing and trot to that general direction. She thinks she is Queen of the World and everyone is her subject. At the very least all people within walking distance should come see and play with her. Unlike Lady who would rather consider others as invaders of her peace, Daisy welcomes all.

All those people on the red carpet have nothing on her. Like the beauty queen she thinks she is, she is always ready. And like the line in a old movie "I'm ready for my close-up" seems to be her anthem. Who needs an Oscar, anyway? There is always Daisy. After all, an Oscar statue won't keep you warm at night. Right Daisy?