Monday, February 04, 2008

Ready to Dump Your Significant Jerk?

Today is "dump your significant jerk" day. In the spirit of the day I will try to decide who I would dump. I have so many choices. Let see, there is the guy that cut me off in traffic-nah, not good enough. Or I could choose the rude customer service person on the phone. Still not good enough. I could pick any politician. Getting closer, but still not good enough. Ok, I have come up with two.

One of my choices for significant jerk would have to be the New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick who left the field seemingly in a bad mood. Of course in true Super Bowl fashion one second was left on the play clock, people swarmed the field. Belichick hurried across the field, shook hands with Giants coach Tom Coughlin and left. He did not even come back when the officials made the fans and reporters get off the field so that the game could finish that last second. When a reporter caught him outside the locker room Belichick was still less than graceful in defeat. He never once had anything to say about the Giants. Some people think he was classless, unsportsman-like and disrespectful. I guess he won't win any good guy prizes this year.

But for rudeness Belichick has nothing on the neighbor who lives in front of me. Ever since he and his wife moved in I have tried to be nice and cordial to him when ever he is outside with his pitbull. I have tried to speak to him on numerous occasions. All I get for my trouble is surliness. He refuses to speak or even acknowledge my efforts. At first I thought it was just me. But he is just as rude to Jimmy and even to Amanda when she lived here. Amanda tried to talk to him cause she liked his dog. She once had a pit bull, so she thought they would have something in common. Not a chance. So, I think I will call him my significant jerk and dump him. I feel better all ready. Ha!


Dr.John said...

Belichick deserves to be dumped and your neighbor as well but the politicians do much more damage.

cube said...

Belichick is mad because his team lost. He's totally shocked because he just cant believe that all the cheating didn't pay off.

My whole family was cheering when the Giant won!

As far as your neighbor goes, just remember his rude behavior when he needs your help someday.

BTW I hope he reads your blog.