Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Poor Little Beer Bottle

Whenever I walk out the door I see a beer bottle on the ground next to my neighbor's trash can. Day after day lying there lonely. Every Saturday and Wednesday the neighor pulls his trash can to the curb so that the trash men can empty the trash. Later the neighbor pulls his can back to it's spot. He never thinks about putting the bottle in the trash. Why? The poor little bottle has been there next to the wall for weeks now. How come it is always forgotten? Day after day the sad little bottle lies in wait. It has been rained on, blown by the wind gusts, sniffed at by my dogs. Yet, it continues to stay right there. The guy occasionally brings home another 12-pack of bottles. Eventually the box and the other bottles find their way to the trash can so that they can meet their final reward at the dump. Yet day after day the lonely bottle never moves. No body cares. No one takes the time to pick it up. Soon ants may chose it as a shelter. Taking the garbage from inside to the trash can is a chore. It is such a long walk from inside their apartment. There may be four steps from the front door to the can.They always seem to have a lot of trash. Bag after bag and box after box find themselves to the trash. Yet the poor little beer bottle continues to lie there lonely and forgotten. Poor little bottle-maybe I should just do it a favor and drop it into the can myself. Then again, if I went to that trouble, it would just end up on the grass at the curb. Lonely again.


cube said...

I think I'd put it at their front door, ring the bell, & run away ;-)

Dr.John said...

Anybody that has such concern for a poor lonely bottle has to have a big heart. Why not get anoither bottle and put it next to it so it won't be lonely any more. Then after a month or so put a small bottle next to them and they are a family.

Unknown said...

Maybe, just maybe the bottle enjoys it's proud existence "outside the can".

maria said...

Hello Jill,

Funny little piece!

That reminds me of my own neighbour. For at least 1 year he has had a small piece of orange plastic near his air conditioner and somehow he manages to mow his lawn around it and never disturb it.

Sometimes I feel like picking it up and putting it in my own garbage can, but then what if he
sues me for taking something that belongs to him?

Maybe it's a good luck charm for him...


dmarks said...

Isn't that a "Texas lawn ornament" ?