Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No, It Won't Be the Ides of March

It may soon be time for me to put in my earplugs and really start channel surfing. I heard the first ad this morning for the primary in Texas. Barack Obama was speaking. Wonder when we will get the Clinton ads. Hillary has already started visitiing the Lone Star State. We here in Texas will soon be under attack. I think I would rather have the flu. Obama will be making a stop here in Houston, but there is no word yet on when Hillary will show up. Hispanics really like her so this would be a good stop for her. Obama has opened some offices here. Millions of dollars will be spent here on ads. Sigh. I have heard that there will be phone calls from the candidates.

And to think that just a few months ago the pundits were saying that it would all be over before the Texas primary in March. Tisk, tisk, oh ye of little faith. Now Texas will be attacked like an insect swarm. Oh joy. Reporters will be here asking all sorts of questions of the candidates and those who plan to vote in the primary. Fort Bend County is already looking at the possibility that there will not be enough voting machines. They think that there may be more people trying to vote than in past years. So they are trying to encourage voters to vote early to avoid long lines.

Yeah, it is going to be a really fun few weeks. Maybe. Doesn't everybody want to listen to phone calls and radio and tv ads. And we can't forget all the local media trying to get the big story before anyone else. I actually remember when I enjoyed all the pre-election stuff. I even liked watching the conventions. I do remember being amazed by the speech Barack Obama gave at the last convention. Then I also remember voting for Goldwater. Somehow I feel that which ever party wins the election it will be another example of the more things change, the more they stay the same.

At least the Astros will be in spring training. So I will be looking forward to that. We'll have a lot of new players and a new manager. I would rather watch them play than watch the candidates dance for votes. Then again, I may just find time to clean out my closets. Et Tu , Brute?


cube said...

Just wait until you start getting the epic phone calls that fill up the answering machine tape. Sheesh. What a pain.

Jess said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Ive blogrolled you so that I can check back otherwise I might lose the link... LOL

Oh yeah I hear ya on the adds, we are bombarded here too.

Anonymous said...

None of this is a problem for me -- and not just because I don't live in Texas. I rarely turn my TV on. I don't pick up the phone for numbers I don't know (I let the answering machine screen them).

pineapple said...

I'm very excited about the whole thing. And I am very excited that they are debating in Austin. I hope I can get in because I would love to be able to heckle Hillary in person. I'm so amped up about it, I'm thinking about becoming a delegate. And for the record, Obama's ads are much better than her's.