Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bananas Fight Wrinkles?

I ran across a recipe for a natural wrinkle remover this morning. This, I guess, was in line with the Earth Day awareness and homemade things which are supposed to be environmentally friendly. But bananas as a wrinkle cure? I just find this a little funny to imagine.

The recipe says to mash 1/4 of a banana to a creamy texture. Spread all over the face and leave on for 15-to 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water followed by a "dash" of cold water and pat dry. What is a "dash" of cold water? How do you measure that? And I guess you can eat the rest of the banana while waiting those 20 minutes. What else are you going to do?

I can just see it now. The husband walks into the room. "Honey, what is that on your face?" Can you imagine the reaction when he finds out it is a mashed banana? Then there would be the reaction of the kids as they race by on their way out to play. They might actually run into each other when the shock of seeing that finally hits them. "Mommy, why are you wearing mushed bananas on your face?" Now if the the kids or even the husband really work at this, they could have a joke fest.

Then there would be the reaction of the family pets. I can just see the cat or dog climbing into the woman's lap and sneaking a sniff. When they discover that it is a banana, what would they do? My dogs would immediately want to not only smell it, but they would probably think it would be a good snack. Face washing by dogs, hum... Oh but wait, the cat would really have fun. Dear Kitty's sandpaper tongue would not only clean off the banana but provide a good scrub, too.
Yeah, about that time the kids would come in and drop to the floor in hysterics as the dog,cat or both try to clean up the mess.

Now this is supposed to be a wrinkle remover. Has anyone ever really tried this? Does it really work? How long would it take to see any reduction of wrinkles? How would anyone explain this to friends or family? Would they be taken seriously? I can just see the eyes rolling. Bananas are still fairly cheap and I have always liked them. I'm not sure though if I want to use them to remove wrinkles. Of course if they do I may buy out the store's supply!


cube said...

I've never heard about bananas as wrinkle cream, but have you priced bananas lately? It's almost cheaper to buy Oil of Olay ;-)

Dr.John said...

Try it in the bathroom with the door locked. If it works let us know. You have wrinkled friends waiting for the truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this natural cosmetic enhancement, but I can tell you about washing your hair in eggs. My friend did the raw egg pack hair mousse, then made the mistake of rinsing in hot water. I helped her comb the scrambled eggs out of her hair before she used a harsh chemical shampoo about 6 times to get her hair clean. Sometimes the directions -- or lack thereof -- on home remedies leaves a lot to be desired.

Blogger said...

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