Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Many Years?

Time flys so the saying goes. One day your child is taking that first step, next thing you know they have grown up. Jimmy and I were thinking about how long we have been here in Houston. Then we realized that next year Annie and Jason will be married ten years.

So then reality set in. We looked at each other and remembered that this year we celebrate twenty years of marriage. Yikes! Well my first marriage dragged on for 17 years of agony. So thinking of this twenty years has been something else. While no marriage is perfect, this one has been more of an adventure compared to my first one. We have learned a lot together. We now have been together long enough to be able to know what the other is thinking and almost finish each other's sentences. We've been up and down. One thing I think we have learned is when to just shut up. We've learned that sometimes an issue is not that important. Especially when two days later we don't remember it. We've learned to enjoy the little things and to laugh at ourselves.

It is hard to believe that twenty years have gone by so fast. I hope the next twenty go by a little slower so that I won't miss any thing.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Mom&Daddy!

I love you guys and I couldn't have done alot of the things I've done without your help!

You are wonderful parents despite the hard times we've all been through together.

Here's to 20 more years

yes it's 10 for me next year! yikes!

Love you Daughter

Dr.John said...

Being able to laugh at yourself certainly helps in a marriage. My father said that the ability to say your sorry even when its not your fault helps as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, may your next 20 years be even brighter and happier!

bettygram said...

Happy Anniversary! Have another 20,or more.