Monday, April 07, 2008

The Quest

Jimmy is enjoying his laptop these days. He did say he wanted a laptop mouse and maybe a light. He also decided he wanted a tray table to put the laptop on so he can sit in his chair, watch tv, and play poker. Since the keyboard is dark we figured a light would be good. So Saturday we decided to go looking to see what we could find.

Since Jimmy's truck is still waiting to be put back together, he has been using the TA. Lets face it. A sports car does not do well as a work car. It has to be driven all over town loaded down with tools and other stuff. Plus that leaves me home without transportation. Not that I am some one who likes to run around, but...I haven't been out much so when we went out I looked around at places I had not seen in a while. Did I mention I don't get out much? We drove down the street and I discovered a couple of new apartment complexes. I even saw some new stores. Or at least to me they were new. Why do things look different if you have not been out for a while?

Our first stop was Circuit City where Jimmy was surprised to find a laptop light for a good price. He was happy with that, but they did not have the mouse he wanted. He wanted a red one. Why? I don't know. And of course Circuit City did not have any tray tables. We also went to Office Depot and Best Buy to check out the mouse availability. No red ones were found. So we decided since he knew that he could get the one he wanted at the WalMart near our place we decided to embark on the quest for the tray table. This turned out to be more difficult than we thought.Two Walmarts and a Target only had the folding, sit in front of the chair style. He did not want that kind. He wanted one that the legs would slide under the chair and the table could be adjusted to different heights and angles. So on we went to another store. We found one at Linens and Things but it was $30. Jimmy did not want to pay that much. So we went to another WalMart farther down the street. By this time my feet are starting to hurt. Don't get out much, remember? So, as a last ditch effort I suggested we check out one a pharmacy. So we drove over to a CVS pharmacy which happened to be nearby. Yipee, he found one there for just $20. My feet thanked him. I was getting tired of walking all over those stores and finding nothing.

Finally Jimmy was happy. Now we decided to go home. But since we were both a little crabby and hungry we decided to stop at a Mexican resturant near our home. We had never been there before. It was actually within walking distance of where we live. So we stopped to eat and were pleasantly pleased with the food. It was more authentic Mexican style rather than Tex-Mex which is so popular here. I was happy. Remember I don't get out much these days.

So now Jimmy is happy with his new tray table and light and I got out of the neighborhood for a while. Now, when will he be able to finish the work on his truck? Soon, I hope, before I forget how to drive. I need to get out more. Ha!


Anonymous said...

And here I am wishing I could stay in more!

pineapple said...

what about the red mouse????

Dr.John said...

I take it you don't get out much.

dmarks said...

Jimmy's happy.

cube said...

It's good to be happy now & then.