Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've Lost My Mind... No, Just the Ketchup!

The other night I fixed some fish and french fries. I like the malt vinegar ala Long John Silver's Seafood on my fish but don't use ketchup on my fries. Jimmy likes ketchup on his fish and fries. I had just bought some new ketchup since the bottle we had was nearly empty. I went to the pantry and got out my bottle of malt vinegar but I could not find the ketchup. I looked, and looked, and looked. I looked in all the cabinets. That didn't take long because we have a very small kitchen. The more I looked the more irritated I got.

So Jimmy managed to squeeze out just enough for his meal. But I was not satisfied. After supper I looked on all the shelves and moved things around hoping it had been pushed toward the back of the pantry. No such luck! I even looked under the bathroom cabinet since the bathroom is right next to the pantry. Then I looked in the coat closet which is under the stairs. I still had no luck. Come on, it can't be that hard to find one large bottle of ketchup! This place is not that big!
I even looked upstairs in the laundry room. Don't ask!

I even thought that maybe the bottle fell off the shelf at some earlier time. That would have possibly resulted in the bottle falling into the trashcan. Surely I would have noticed a brand new bottle of ketchup which had never even been opened. How hard would that be to spot in the trash? Apparently pretty hard. I even considered that maybe I put it somewhere and forgot where I put it. I looked all over this place. I can only guess or hope that I have not lost my mind. But I have apparently lost the ketchup! I am not amused!


Dr.John said...

That's only supposed to happen to car keys and purses.

Anonymous said...

Jill -- in the back of your pantry is a little swirling vortex. Somewhere on the other side of the Earth someone reached through it and took your ketchup. They were very surprised when they found it and exclaimed, "I don't remember buying this!"

dmarks said...

Don't forget the socks in the dryer.