Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Get That Mouse!

I finally, cross my fingers, have our pc working again. Now I can search for information without being taken to some other site. Just imagine looking for Best Buy and coming up with some other odd place. Since I ran a spyware scan several times and trapped some bad guys it seems to be working better. So Jimmy and I were talking about his laptop yesterday. He did not know if there was a spyware program on it. There isn't. He did not even know anything about the virus program which is on the laptop. It apparently came with the computer and runs all by itself. We thought it would be a good idea to check out the system.

"Check it out tommorrow, ok," he said. I thought to myself that that should be easy. A laptop is not much different than a pc. So this morning I sit down to check Jimmy's baby out. I soon became annoyed. Nothing is the same as the pc. His uses Mozilla. When I first got on to look at it I saw that IE was only #5. Then I remembered Mozilla, not IE. Ok so I decided to check out the system and maybe update some things. Well, call me stupid! (Hey not everybody at once!) Nothing looks familiar. And I found myself frustrated trying to get the curser to move and to go when I wanted. Just keep pushing around the little square. The right and left clicking was not a problem. Where did the curser go? Come back here! Move! Rats! Not the one the Survivors had to eat last week, ugh! Now I know why Jimmy wants to get a laptop mouse. I started this little escapade at 7:03 this morning when I checked out the virus scan. By 7:15 I had a headache! I was sorely tempted to throw things. Why didn't we go back to WalMart and get that mouse?!

Can you guess what will be the first thing on our shopping list when we go to WalMart Friday? Not paper napkins or toothpaste, oh no. That stupid little mouse will be first on the list! Give me a headache in the morning, will ya! I'll show you! Oh, wait, I had better not get my hopes up. Given our previous experiences with WalMart, when we go back to get that little red mouse, they probably won't have it!


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you had spyware and pirates!

cube said...

My daughter broke her laptop's mouse and is always borrowing mine. I need to go to Walmart for a mouse, too. Not a red one though.

Dr.John said...

When I used my lap top I got a mouse. Before that it drove me crazy.