Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I love fruit but...

I love fruit but why to the producers have to always put those tiny stickers on each piece. If I buy 6 plums, I have to pull 6 stickers off. Same goes for apples and various others. Why do they do this? If they are trying to annoy me they are succeeding very well. Just try to pull one off a plum with out pulled off the skin too. Why do they do this? Is it a tracking devise or brand sign? At least they dont do it to strawberries or blueberries, or do they...?


Anonymous said...

They do it as a marketing ploy. it works for some, we have a brand here called gaypak, you would be suprised at the people who like their fruit for the gaypack sticker. as for strawberries & blueberries, they put them on the punnet

medusa said...

It's also done only to fruit which is sold individually - blueberries and strawberries are (usually) packaged, so tagging each one would be fruitless. (oops, sorry.) Actually, I always thought that they were used in ringing up the item - you'll notice there is usually a numeric code that identifies which fruit it is and the person at the register has a corresponding list which they refer to when placing the item on the scale.

maria said...

It used to be worse.Before there
wasn't even a little piece that
you can pull off.Then a guy invented that little piece and
got tons of money for it.