Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alone Again, Naturally

So went the lyrics of a long forgotten song. Here I sit by myself in the early morning. Jimmy had to go back to Round Rock, near Austin to do some more work there. We got up around 4 am and he left about 5 am. Amanda left for work around 6:30, I don't know what time she will come home.

I love the early morning. Guess I'm just a sunrise kind of girl. I'm not much for late nights but I like early mornings. When we were renting a house I used to sit on the patio sometimes in the early morning. There is just something about having a cup of coffee waiting for the birds to wake up. First I would here the cardinals, then the doves,next the sparrows and then the blue jays had to get into the act. Irritating creatures they are. Sunrise and birds songs before the rush begins to end the quiet.

But here I have discovered totally different songs of the morning. While upstairs, I can hear the neighbors in the front of the building opening and closing doors and drawers as well as either their tv or radio. I wonder if they hear our tv. Downstairs I hear the activity in the kitchen as they get ready for work. As I sit in the chair checking the news on tv, I hear the shower running in Amanda's bathroom. Does she really use that much water? As I flip through the tv channels I am made more aware that the rest of the area is in motion. I hear the cars and occasional scream of police cars or fire equipment. That really makes walking the dogs a challenge. Being really close to those sirens is painful to my ears.

So, I have a free day. I won't have to fix supper. I can flip tv channels to my heart's content. I won't have to listen to the constant sound of the poker game on the computer since Jimmy won't be home to play it. I won't have to wait for him to finish his tournament before eating supper. Oh wait! I don't have to fix supper at all! I can sit here at the computer all day if I feel like it. I still will have to take the dogs out. They just don't seem to want to walk themselves. Daisy has yet to figure out that the caged rabbit sitting in the back is not for her enjoyment. The neighbors on the other side of us got the rabbit for Easter. Poor rabbit. Oh well. It should be a nice quiet day. I'm thinking of turning off the phone ringer. That way I won't have to listen to the people who want to talk to Amanda. They never want to give her a message anyway. Now if Time Warner would just stop calling my cell phone. Sure salesmen have to earn a living too. I think I'll have another cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet for a while. It will be a quiet couple of days as I have the time to be alone again, naturally.