Monday, June 04, 2007

Well That Just Makes Me Crabby.

This morning I had a few things to do. Naturally this means getting in the car to go from place to place. First of all, a guy switches lanes into mine nearly causing an accident. Good thing I wasn't on the phone! Then another driver decided to pass the semi but forgot to look where traffic was, or should I say me. Just another day in the wonderful city. I was still irritated because the Astros lost (again) last night. Well at least we are getting a good laugh at Roger Clemens expense. Who me? Nah. Finally I go to the grocery store for a couple of things. Jimmy needs more nosedrops. So why can I only find nasal spray? But what really upset me was that when I got to the check out stand I lost 20 dollars. I had a 20, 10 and a one in my pocket. I had all in my hand when I handed the cashier $11 for my purchases. Somehow my twenty dollar bill took flight. Naturally it did not stay on the floor or where it was for long. Why me? So now, knowing how far(or not so far) a twenty goes these days I was angry with myself. This is not a good time to be short of money. Crap! Maybe the person who found it needs it more than I do. I hope so. I sure would hate to see my hard earned money go to waste. Now I am going to sit down and wallow in self-pity and ice cream. What a day!