Friday, June 22, 2007

Exempt From the Rules? Abolish It!

Oh my, oh my. I almost choked when I heard this. The National Archives Information Security Oversite Office is charged by presidential order with insuring the proper handling of classified information of the executive branch agencies. So Henry Waxman says that Vice President Cheney should be subject to this order. This is funny. Cheney says his office is not part of the executive branch so he is exempt. Waxman Questioned Cheney's office saying that it is could be a matter of national security if Cheney's office does not comply. So then Vice President Cheney apparently tried to have this office abolished. So what is going on? Is this just another fight between the Republican and Democratic parties? Or is Mr. Cheney correct and he and his office should be exempt? After all Mr Cheney has been, according to some, difficult and unco-operative in some things. This story has been around for a while so why is it being discussed now? I do question the idea of if someone in a high position would consider abolishing something because they don't want to adhere to an executive order. What next?


pineapple said...

maybe he could just shoot everybody in the face instead. it could save a lot of time.

cube said...

I have nothing but contempt for Waxman. I think he has a personal vendetta against the Bush administration so I'm going to take what he says with a grain of salt...or three.

Duez said...

"This is funny. Cheney says his office is not part of the executive branch so he is exempt."
That's crazy. The President is the head of the Executive branch. Anyone under him works for the executive branch. Last time I looked, that's what Cheney was doing.

The guy is a loon. He bends every rule in the book to suit him and the companies he's worked for.

I wondered as I read this if Karl Rove is a part of the executive branch? He had almost all of his email deleted to hide what he was doing. Is that not obstructing justice?