Friday, June 01, 2007

North to Alaska

Talk about a long road trip. Our neighbors across the way left last night to move to Alaska. They have been having yard sales for the past several weeks to make extra money for the move. They sold just about everything they own. Furniture and tv's, etc. He works for U-Haul. You'd think U-Haul would give them a discount but they are going to have to pay just like everybody else when they move what little they are taking.

Why are they moving? Getting away from the noise, traffic, crime, etc in Houston is their reason. They visited Alaska on vacation once and decided to move there. Personally I dont think there is enough liquor in the world to make me move with two little kids, a dog, and a pregnant wife. Moving across town would not be a problem, but eight days cramped all together on the road to Alaska? Must be because they are young. Both of them are under thirty. She's only twenty-four with a 4 year old and a 3 year old. Never mind that she is 6 months pregnant with another little one.

Then we have the puppy, a pitt mix named Angel. Is she really going to be an angel on this trip? I dont think they have any doggie diapers so who knows how many times they will have to stop to let the dog out.

They left after midnight last night. I know they think the kids will be easier to deal with if they travel at night. I have a news flash for them. A kid can will wake up and find a McDonald's two miles away. "I'm hungry daddy" will be something said over and over and over. Kids have radar when it comes to fast food. An adult may not see it but a kid can spot those "golden arches" from anywhere.

So off to Alaska they went. Prospecting for a new future in the wide open (cold) spaces of the wilds of Alaska. They plan to live in a small town near Anchorage. I guess traveling for over a week one way to a strange place is ok for some people. Some people just live for adventure. Let's see,husband with pregnant hormones raging wife, two little kids asking a million questions over and over, and a young dog along for the ride and everything they own going to Alaska. Yup that has all the makings of the road trip from Hell. Think I'll go get another cup of coffee now.


Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, I am another Texan attempting to do the very same thing...move to Alaska. Only, I am moving to the bush if my job comes through and I will be taking 3 dogs and possibly a cat on the journey... It must be in the air.

cube said...

Oh to be young & stupid enough to take such a risk again ;-)