Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Break is a Break, However Little

Yet another day in the city. It is so hot and humid that even the dogs are not begging to go outside. The little bit of lawn around our building is seeding. Lady and Daisy nearly disappear in the seed stalks as they walk around. Right now these seed stalks are almost up to my knees. That makes great fun for us, right?

The weather people keep reporting that we will not have rain. Then they hedge their statement by saying that some people on the east side of town are more likely to get rain, if it rains at all. Naturally I am in the northwest side. Now if I lived on the east or southeast side the weather people would have said that it would rain on the northwest side. I guess the day will be another rubber stamp Houston day. Late in the afternoon I went to check on my plants at the back of the building. I had planted some elephant ears next to the windows. I also have two tomato plants and a couple of bell, and sweet pepper plants in the middle of the yard. Man, I guess I will have to water them again. Then I heard a strange low rumble. Could that be? Not a chance, no way. Wait a minute, that big heavy black thing is a storm cloud. I remember those. Rain? Could it? Nah, it will probably just go around like it usually does. Back inside, I say down to watch the news. I heard a rumble. Daisy began to bark. She must have thought someone was at the door.

Daisy stood at the door barking. I tried to covince her to stop. After all it was just thunder. I tried to tell her that no-one was at the door. Yet she still stood there anticipating company. After a few minutes of barking she got her wish. Company had come to visit. The wet kind of company. She used to bark at thunderstorms when she was a puppy. I guess she had forgotten about that.

As I looked out to the patio I saw how wet the walkway was and noticed that the water was pouring off the roof next door. This makes a very deep rumbling noise. Yes! Rain had indeed come to visit. Thankful for the small favor, I thought to myself I won't have to water the plants. Better yet, the temperature fell to a tolerable level. It was a nice break for about an hour or so. I won't complain. A break is a break, right? Now if I could just teach Daisy to bark for rain again.