Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Half Eaten Hamburger

I guess it won't be long before we get new neighbors across the walkway. I noticed a painting company vehicle in the parking lot a couple of days ago. Yesterday two separate company SUVs visited. Apparently someone looked at the apartment in the morning and another one looked at it in the afternoon.

I had not really given the visits much thought until I noticed two things. First they opened the patio window blinds. Then after the second visit someone decided not to finish the hamburger he was eating. How do I know this? When I came out the door to walk Daisy she ran right to something in my little garden area. When I looked to see what she had discovered, I was angered. Apparently one of the painters had decided that my little flower garden in front of my patio was a place to toss garbage. I wish I had seen that. Hey buddy, does my flower garden look like a garbage can to you? I find trash all the time along the side yard which borders the street. People just love to throw trash in the ditch as they drive down the street. But my garden? That is off limits! I picked up the offending item and took it to the street where some of the trash cans sit. It took my a long time to clean up the garden area because the previous tenant had let the airplane plants grow wild and cover the entire place. For some reason people in this area like to use these plants as borders and then forget about them. I finally got most of them out and I am growing a few flowers and caladiums. After all the digging and pulling I had to do to clean it up the last thing I want is for someone to throw trash in it. I know somethings will blow into it. But to just throw food in it because a person is too lazy to find a trash can is disgusting. I'm on to them now. The next time I find their stuff in my flower garden, they will be surprised to discover it has moved right in front of their faces! Like I used to tell my kids, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature".


.Tom Kapanka said...

I remember the Mother Nature commercials, but what brand of margerine was it? I forget. We used to live on a corner and some mornings I'd find beer bottles thrown in our yard. Last week I stepped out of my car at the mall and there was a wadded up diaper right there on the ground. Change the kid in the car then decide someone else should have to deal with the stinky diaper. Real considerate! It is frustrating.