Thursday, May 31, 2007

Homeland Security, Really?

After watching the news reports of the man flying all over the world with a drug resistant form of TB, I'm less than happy. It is bad enough that our borders are so porous that illegal aliens roam around free, now this. I read a book by John Nance which featured a plane that was not allowed to land in any country due to the fear of possible contamination. Of course this was fiction. This current situation is not. I understand that the man's passport was read electronically and that the human official missed the important information regarding the health of the passanger. So it seems that the CDC, the airlines, security departments of many countries including ours missed the memo. So where does this leave us? If a person can fly to so many places and not be noticed, what is next? Just imagine a terrorist flying with some biological timebomb. It is time that we and the world wake up to the fact that we don't really do a very good job in the security department. With all the different levels of security around the globe, we should not be happy that we dodged a bullet-this time. And how much money are we spending on Homeland Security and Immigration control and security? Maybe our wonderful government officials need to take a hard look at this situation. What ever they are doing, it's not working!