Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Babies are Not Microwavable

What was he thinking? A 19 year old father put his two month old baby in a microwave. Now the baby is in the hospital with third degree burns. The father and wife and his mother had recently checked into a motel in Galveston, Tx. Then after he did this he call 911. Naturally the story he told was not consistant with the baby's injuries. I just don't understand. Does this guy have a mental problem? Yes and I guess that might be a defense, but... Then, since they were living in a motel, where were the baby's mother and grandmother? I know times are tough, but there is no excuse for this. One can only hope the baby will be ok.


Dr.John said...

Perhaps,! He though the baby was cold and this would warm it up. As to the mother would you exspect someone smart to be married to somebody this dumb?